Customer Support and Collaboration via the web

For support staff, rap-X provides a helpdesk to capture and respond to customer/employee requests and enquiries. Easy to use, always accessible, with automatic task allocation to relevant support person, structured workflow, email alerts, audit trail, search, filtering, and customisation capabilities.

For customers/employees, rap-X provides easy to use customisable web interfaces to request assistance, report problems, interact with support staff, collaborate with other users, and sponsor proposed projects.

For product development, before making high risk R&D investments, rap-X enables new products and services to be proposed to customers/employees, demand to be assessed, and sponsorship captured.

Rap-x is now part of Jitbit Helpdesk that offers both SaaS and "downloaded" helpdesk software

rap-X is available as a hosted service, or can be downloaded and installed locally. Ready to use in minutes. For local installs, rap-X supports full customisation and application integration, and all leading databases. rap-X customers include technology companies (eg. esourcing software) and many small businesses.