Evaluate rap-X

Evaluating rap-X is easy. First, try the demos. Then either setup your own rap-X environment online or download and install an evaluation copy on your local machine.

Demos Logon to rap-X demonstrations. Each demo respresents a fictitious organisation. Feel free to edit any data in these demo environments. This is the fastest way to do an initial evaluation. If you like the demos, then go ahead and create your own evaluation copy of rap-X.
Hosted Evaluation Create your own hosted copy of rap-X for a full evaluation. After entering your details into the form, you will receive an email with a username, password, and a URL link to your own copy of rap-X hosted on our servers. If you decide you want to use rap-X, then simply sign our Hosting agreement and continue to use your evaluation copy.
Download Evaluation Download a copy of rap-X and install on your server. You will receive a 30 day evaluation License key.