rap-X provides all of the features required from a Helpdesk / inbound call centre (example screen).

Support personnel can prioritise and manage customer requests and enquiries, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. And external Customers benefit from being able to interact with support personnel and track the progress of their enquiries.

In rap-X, a "Request" is a communication (typically from a customer) that requires a response / resolution from a Support person. The Support person can add Requests on behalf of customers. Or customers can add their Requests themselves via a web browser or by sending an email to rap-X.

A Request might be an enquiry, a question, a request for assistance, or to report a problem. The label "Request" can be modified to whatever your organisation feels is appropriate, such as "Ticket", "Issue", "Enquiry", "Call".

rap-X delivers the following features and benefits:

  • a central database of all Customer related enquiries, requests, and associated comments and attachments, that can be accessed via a web browser and or email by Call Centre and Support personnel, external customers and service engineers
  • very easy to use, providing immediate benefit, minimal investment
  • customizable user interfaces and user defined input fields (optional / mandatory entry, drop down and multi-choice list selection)
  • support for multi stage approvals and signoffs by customer management and Support personnel
  • automatic allocation of a Request to a specific Support person, based on Customer
  • email integration, including user interaction via email (eg. Requests and associated can be emailed directly into the rap-X Helpdesk), and event driven email notifications to alert the appropriate parties at each stage of the workflow process
  • excellent management interfaces, with effective sort and search capabilitires, workload allocation, and cross reference linking between items

Single Repository, Multiple Views

Helpdesks, Issue Management products and bug logs are all essentially glorified to-do lists. When working in teams, there are a number of advantages to using a central to-do list that can be accessed via the web, rather than each individual having their own set:

  • De-duplication. Ensuring that a people do not duplicate one another's efforts
  • Continuity. If one person is absent (e.g. on sick leave), the remaining members of the team can see what the absent individual was working on, thus ensuring contiuity of service to customers.
  • Accountability. When dealing with paying customers, it is essentially to have detailed records of each customer interaction.
  • Centralised management. By using a centralised system, each individual can forget about having to make backups and copies of their own personal lists.