rap-X Support

Support Policy

Support to rap-X customers is provided based on the terms described in the prices page.

In addition to these terms, any bugs (faults) in the product are fixed free of charge. Non commercial support is available through the Discussion Forum.

Online Support

As you might expect, we use rap-X to provide support to our user community.

Note that "FAQ Forum", "Discussion Forum", and "Support Tickets" are examples of rap-X Custom Views. These are web site pages that interact with data in the rap-X application, and demonstrate how your customers could interact with your copy of rap-X via your web site.

The Discussion Forum just shows the latest discussion threads, making sure content is current. Useful discussion topics are then flagged as "FAQ" so that are available for reference over the long term.

FAQ Knowledgebase Search the rap-X FAQ Knowledgebase to see if your question has been asked, discussed or resolved in the past.
Discussion Forum Contact the rap-X or share ideas with other users through the rap-X Discussion Forum.
Support Tickets Communicate securely with the rap-X team through this simple Custom View interface for logging and tracking support tickets.
Documentation A growing set of reference documents for administering and integrating rap-X. Please start a new discussion thread if you cannot find an answer to your question.